Contact Persons: Chairman: Werner Boshoff
Contact Numbers: Tel 082 4650259
Club Times: Practice - Tuesday Nights 19H00
Racing: Thursday Nights 19H00
Typical Classes Raced:
Plastic cars from Ninco, Scalextric, Fly, Slot.It, Proslot and SCX and custom built Nastrucks. Same cars as you have in your home sets.
  • DTM Touring Cars
  • Le Mans Sportscars
  • 1/24 Scale Metal classes

Le Mans Sportscars, 65 mm width overall, any motor and gearing. Usually the fastest class at the club. Cars include Audi's, Mercedes CLK's, Porsche's, Toyota GT1's and LMP Prototypes.

Touring Cars, based on the DTM series, 63 mm width overall, any motor and gearing. Very competitive class with interesting cars including Mercedes DTM's, Audi TT's, Opel Astra's and BMW's.

Track Image: