The TOM'S Castrol Toyota Celica Supra GT
Recently, I stumbled across a cheap push toy at a local toyshop, with a very nice looking 1/32 scale body, of what I believe looks like a Toyota Celica. Having a need for a "GT" car which I race at our local club, I decided to buy it and build it into a Slotcar, using the livery of the "Tom's Castrol Toyota Celica GT" as raced in the Japanese GT series.

This car is also featured in some of the Playstation Games, and is an awesome car performance wise. It looks really good as well, and although the body I have has a different rear wing, everything else dimension-wise is almost identical.

Here's another version of the 2000 Supra that raced in the Eastern GT Championships.

Here are some Pictures of the work in progress.

The "toy" as it comes, with a complete, full interior, a cheap set of rims, chassis etc, but the body includes a clear windshield and front and tail lights, and I felt this would be able to make a really nice looking GT Sportscar.

The body has some cheesy graphics stuck on them, similar tot he "Nastrucks" we build, which simply peel off. The rear wing is moulded to the Body, and is not removable, and might possibly snap in a hard rear end collision, but if that happens, I'll then replace it with something closer to the original.

After a complete cleanup of the body, I then had to find a usable chassis for it. Having a relatively wide range of cars at home, I couldn't find anything that would fit this body without any minor modifications. Chances are that something from Fly would work, like a Venturi chassis or perhaps a Porsche GT2 from Ninco, but I decided to use an a SCX chassis as I had a few spare. The chassis had to be cut and shortened, and then put back together with re- enforcements.

In these Pictures, you can see the original SCX DTM Opel Chassis, and the "shortened version for the Toyota Body. I'd say there's about 6mm's removed from that chassis. The Ninco Audi TT chassis NEARLY fits standard, but is about 2 mm's too long.

Here you can see the plasdtic body-posts which I have fitted to fasten the body to the original SCX chassis. One post at the rear, and two posts under the front bonnet close to the windshield. The post in the center is the old, original post which I cut off.

Mounted on the chassis, the car looks brilliant already. It's very flat, and has a good attitude, and will probably perform just as well.

The Original Car also has two massive Radiator slots cut into the top of the bonnet. For strength purposes, I decided to just cut one large vent, which was then also built up with thin plastic sides to resemble the radiator cooling vent.

Here the body has been undercoated and sanded smooth, and is ready for the White Base coat to be sprayed.

Here the White has been sprayed, and the window sills have been painted gun-metal Grey. You can also see the Radiator Cooling vent on the bonnet.

Re-mounted to the chassis, and awaiting the Decals.

I managed to get hold of some Decal Paper, and went to work to create the Castrol flairs and other Sponsors based on the Picture.

The Start of the Decaling.

Completed, with a very detailed interior.

And the finished car, with a nice looking set of Aluminium Rims.